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helsinkiandrew 5 days ago
> The dismissed workers started to protest in front of the factory, protesting the massacre of workers.

By "massacre" do they mean the mass sacking or is there something to this story I don't understand.

scori 5 days ago
Sounds like bad English translation. There are several other lines that does not make sense.
takipsizad 5 days ago
indeed it is, and i think the meaning was mass sacking yes
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anigbrowl 5 days ago
Suggest fixing the title, eg 'Oppo has pulled their factory out of Turkey'.
pesfandiar 5 days ago
Or "Türkiye" as the country is now known officially.
jylam 5 days ago
The previous one was "Republic of Turkey", no one called them that. Like France is "République française", and Germany "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" and no one call them that.

Turkey is ok I think.

Kiro 5 days ago
I wouldn't want people to use the native name of my country when speaking English. It would sound extremely awkward.
baggy_trough 5 days ago
They can call it whatever they want in Turkey, but that's not the English name.
mardifoufs 5 days ago
I guess we should stick with Kiev too, then.
gavaw 5 days ago
dang 5 days ago
Thanks - fixed. (Submitted title was "Oppo has pulled their factory off turkey")
karmakaze 5 days ago
Yeah I was confused why there would have been a dependency on the bird.
kortex 5 days ago
This kind of stuff makes me totally understand why they formally changed their name to Türkiye.
ksec 5 days ago
Title should be OPPO’s Tuzla factory, whose opening was announced by AKP’s Mustafa Varank, closed quietly

As Per HN Submission Guidelines [1],

> Otherwise please use the original title, unless it is misleading or linkbait; don't editorialize.


dang 5 days ago
Fixed now- thanks.
takipsizad 5 days ago
thanks too
the_mitsuhiko 5 days ago
I'm continued to be surprised that anyone still does business in Turkey. I can only assume that there are some shady shenanigans going on that still give reasons for companies to be there.
ralmidani 5 days ago
Turkey has more freedom, human rights, and rule of law than does Egypt (where production is reportedly moving). I know, the Sisi regime hasn’t set a high bar, but it’s ridiculous to frame this as anything but a business decision.
yyyk 5 days ago
The issue is economic policy, mainly Erdogan's distaste for high interest rates and results thereof. Mind you, Egypt has different serious economic problems, but these are more long term issues...
dang 5 days ago
Please don't take HN threads into nationalistic flamewar (or on flamewar tangents generally). It will just lead to hell and we're trying to avoid that here.


psKama 5 days ago
Sure..a manufacturer from china, which is renowned for their perfect worker right regulations with zero corruption, pulling out of Turkey and start a place in Egypt, which is also a great place for democracy and worker rights, etc. /S This narrow sight is killing me.
dimitrios1 5 days ago
Authoritarian regime rife with corruption that can easily be bribed and bypass any regulations as needed with western protections -- perfect for any crony capitalist. The real amazement is that they were ever allowed to be part of NATO.
ethbr0 5 days ago
If they didn't end up in control of the Bosporus Straits, they probably wouldn't have been.

But world as it is, etc.

engineer_22 5 days ago
It was a good play for US when they were expecting to engage in nuclear war with USSR, but now its kind of clear they're not really embracing the brand image.
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scori 5 days ago
First part of your comment is true. NATO is irrelevant, but also they contribute to it more than most: https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/topics_67655.htm
dimitrios1 5 days ago
NATO is still relevant because its effectively a death pact. I don't want to be in a death pact with a leader who stages their own coups, and is actively commiting acts of aggression against other Western countries as well as still in an ongoing invasion of Cyprus.
gavaw 5 days ago